Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pajama Jeans, The Ultimate Lose-Lose Situation

As though Jeggings weren't bad enough, our collective sense of decency is now being raped by PajamaJeans. Though perhaps more flattering than Jeggings, they're certainly more terrifying, too. Jeggings aren't being infomercial-marketed to every Midwestern mom in the country. PajamaJeans, however, are being touted as the second coming, here to redeem flabby asses everywhere. For only $39.95! Check out the promo video and learn all about how these magical Denim/Spandex combinations will solve literally every problem you've ever had.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Nike Activewear is Getting Increasingly Badass

For years I kind of ignored Nike, associating it with the ever-embarrassing capri leggings that my mother wore for a scarring chunk of my childhood. Aside from the occasional pair of perhaps too-ironic high top dunks, the brand felt as lamely utilitarian as New Balance without the same athletic cred. Whatever they're doing lately, though, is working. Their colors are cool -- think magenta with grey to neutralize the too-girliness -- and their shapes have altogether lost their boxiness.
Check the stuff out; it's almost as cute as Lululemon lately. Because what matters more than cuteness when you're running through 12 miles of mud, right?

Monday, January 3, 2011

I Lied.

When I said that I'd moved forever to True/Slant. As it turns out, you can't blog for a blog that doesn't exist, which is currently the case with Clothes Whore on True/Slant and, in fact, True/Slant in its entirety. The site is still up, but it was acquired by Forbes and subsequently left to rot. So now I'm back, just a girl asking strangers on the internet to love her. But without the typical naked pics.

So keep checking in. (Or read my other blog, Stuff That's Neat, all the time. I promise I'm going to actually post on that one, too.)

Lipstick Queen "Red Sinner" Makes My Face Happy

There's this thing that happens when you wear lipstick all day and I don't know what to call it, but it more or less amounts to a drying of the lips that makes a lady look not terribly unlike the Crypt Keeper in the mouth region. The crumbliness isn't particularly obvious from a distance, but it gets distracting up close, forcing people to wonder if you're only wearing the lipstick to distract from your truly deplorable personal hygiene skills. (For the record, I actually wear it to detract from the vampire-like paleness that renders me almost transparent in the winter.)

Fear not, though, a solution has founds its way to my mouth. Check out Lipstick Queen's uber-opaque Red Sinner for a look that's not new, but is awesome. Aside from being more or less the perfect red, it's heavy on the glycerine, eliminating the crumbly mouth situation.

Buy it here.

As an aside, why do all red lipsticks have slutty names?