Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Moving (To Another Website)

Because my blog-maintaining skills have been shameful of late, I'm moving to True/ where they'll pay me to do a better version of what I do here. I like the insane level of clothing obsession that's happened on LilyQTalksClothes but clearly require incentive to do it regularly, I think it'll be a good move. Very little will change aside from the URL. Once you're on the site, my page will look a lot like an individual blog, minus the bitchin header.

Check out MY FIRST POST, tell me what you think in the comments. And visit frequently because I need hits and comments if I want to keep the job. (Have I mentioned how good you all look today? You totally do.)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Christian Audigier To Show At Paris Fashion Week. I Vomit.

Christian Audigier, purveyor of all things rhinestone-encrusted and hideously illustrated, is planning to show at Spring 2010 Fashion Week in Paris this Fall. This is the guy who designs for the likes of Ed Hardy, usually shows his creations at L.A. or Miami Swim Fashion Week, and likely clothed the greasy dudes who were grinding all up on you at the club last weekend. So while designers like Christian Lacroix struggle with bankruptcy, Christian Audigier is zeroing in on their legitimate fashion turf with his truly illegitimate "designs." This makes me sad. [The Cut]

*Originally published on The Frisky.

WWWD Man Issue On Stand Now (By Which I mean Online)

Know what 54 year old designer Donna Karan loves? "Music, DJin, dancing, partys going out!" She's also a fan of "just having a laugh and having it easy no worries!" Or so says the most recent issue of Women's Wear Daily parody WWWD.

In their Man Issue, released this week, WWWD delves into deep issues ranging from the size of Shia LaBeouf's package ("beyond inadequate," for the record) to whether or not rappers Pharell Williams and Kanye West are super into each other in the biblical sense.

It's questions like these, my friends, that need answering as the financial markets crash around us and the recent loss of your job forces you to trade in your apartment for an abandoned refrigerator box, stealing a wireless signal just to access some free internet porn.

A few of my favorite moments from The Man Issue:
  • "Today's Obsession: Knives!"- Apparently it's "time to get knife happy." Upon reading this, I deemed it time to start carrying a variety of throwing knives in pockets, purses and thigh holsters. It's getting very Mr. and Mrs. Smith up in here.
  • In depth WWWD coverage of Men's Fashion Week in Paris and Milan gave us an insider's look at the shows and the festivities. Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz "was credited with "getting the party started" by arriving fully nude." And we never would have known.
  • Dakota Fanning, two year old start of various films, likes it when men get rough with her. (Okay, she's 15. And she didn't actually say that. Whatever.)
*Originally published on The Frisky. But with fewer naughty words.