Friday, February 27, 2009

Just Cause I Like It

Browsing Josh'Shots and came across this pic from The Moth last week. I just think it's cool looking. And this is my blog, so I can post whatever I want. Sucks that my nails are way more photogenic than the rest of me though.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Post Fashion Week Bitchiness

Now that fashion week and the whole TBNYU! Kimmel fiasco are finished, I can finally post the mortifyingly bad outfits and accessories that I semi-sneakily photographed in/around the tents at Bryant Park. Yes, the important stuff.

In case it was unclear, that is, in fact, a purple feather covered dress in the picture above. And yes, a vinyl bow bag. One thing I will say for this poor soul is that she is not actually eating said bag, it just looks that way. Unsurprisingly, it was something along the lines of a hot dog that she was actually eating. Apparently she didn't understand that Fashion Week is a time neither for food nor dressing like a morbidly obese dodo bird. (No, I don't actually know what a dodo looks like.)

And here we have a classic case of a perfectly attractive female fucking herself hard with heinous accessories. A Mink baseball cap? Seriously? Did she have to have that custom made? I hope so. People should have to pay exorbitantly for choices this aggressively stupid.

I'm not sure who this is, but the general flurry of activity around her at the Carlos Miele show suggested some sort of vague, fashion-y notoriety, presumably for years of dressing like a particularly terrifying clown, white face makeup and all. The grim reaper rendition of the Chiquita Banana girl is too perplexing to address. Why she felt the need to carry both a Prada resort tote and the matching clutch is similarly mystifying. Props on that hat though, pretty sweet.

Apparently this pink pleather bustier wearing woman was on Rock of Love (or some similarly trashy show). Why she was sitting front row at Tony Cohen remains a mystery. She then proceeded to bounce around the Tresemee lounge, fake boobs all over the place, collagen threatening to burst from her lips.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't Be That Batshit Crazy Lady With Lipstick All About Your Face

Everyone's talking about the whole raspberry colored lips thing that's been all over the runways for the last week and, yeah, I'm into the look. But the possibility of the color from my berry kissed kissers ending up smeared all over my teeth and cheeks is terrifying. No one wants to look like the crazy drunken aunt who can't quite keep her lipstick inside the lines. There's a reason why that particular relative brings a half empty bottle of wine to Christmas, and it's not something I'm looking to tap into.

But the possibility of missing out on raspberry lips and being cast outside the fashion-y ranks, forced to reside amongst those 20 somethings still clad in Esprit and Target non-designer-collaboration lines is too fearsome to ignore. So I've devised a foolproof method of rocking the deep red lips without ending up alone with cats, drinking red wine in the bathtub: lip stain. The stuff is like a gift from the gods, allowing me to look au courant in the lip region without checking my reflection for mess ups in every semi-shiny surface.

Give Benefit's $28 tint a try for a light look. Want to be a little more true to runway? Laura Mercier's $20 stain in a pot is the way to go.

Clothes I Can Wear? How BORING.

Brian Reyes, an Oscar De La Renta alum, has been known for his lovely, ladylike looks since he broke away from papa De La Renta and started his own collection in 2006. I knew this going into his show this morning. But it's been seven days of neon fur and crotch high bondage boots that put their thigh high predecessors to shame, so pardon me if the Brian Reyes runway show with its reserved dresses and incredibly wearable separates felt like a bit of a let down. How can one be expected to go from hats covered in baseball-sized pom poms to pretty and proper without a vague feeling of anti-climax? I mean, I'm not trying to change out of my blogging pajamas and go all the way to Bryant Park to watch dopplegangers of the awkward, skinny girl from work march around looking marginally better than usual.

After a few minutes of getting acclimated though, Reyes turned into one of the most comfortable shows I've been to thus far. Where folks like Marc Jacobs and Preen are clearly going for sheer over-the-topness (yeah, that's a word now), Reyes spent the season making his classic sensibility more distinctive with asymmetrically constructed skirts and and awesome line of self-designed handbags and jewelry designed for him by Roxanne Assoulin. Elle Magazine's Joe Z (of Joe Z's A to Z column) called the show "so grown up, so sophisticated," and loved the barefoot finale, which was inspired by the fact that literally four models had to remove their ill-fitting Manolos. "It was soooo cute and charming. Goes to show that Bryan doesn't take everything so seriously," he cooed while exiting the tents.

It certainly wasn't the wow-worthy excess of Marc, but Reyes refinement and wearability were a refreshing step away from the frivolity of fashion week. But still...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sound Track for Stomping

  1. Cynthia Steffe's hard core bitches stomped the runway to "No You Girls" from Franz Ferdinand's new CD, "Tonight."
  2. Temperley London skipped the show this season, but their Fall/Winter '09 video rocked out to Kings of Leon's "Molly's Chamber."
  3. If you're looking for smooth and upbeat, look no further than Max Decastro, the dreadlocked little Brazilian man who played on Carlos Miele's runway last Monday.
  4. Thuy played "Nights of the Week" by Apes and Androids as their piped jackets marched about to much applause.
  5. Cool and laid back as always, ADAM marched its models to the sound of Of Montreal.
  6. Halston's creepy cool music video is worth a look, even if it didn't make it to the runway.

Badgley Mischka Predictably Pretty

I want to say that I fell in love with the sparkly, sumptuous dresses that marched one after the other down the Badgley Mischka runway this morning. But I can't. It feels unfair to penalize the duo for seasons of gorgeousness, but their past has left me numb to their present which, though certainly lovely, is essentially more of the same.

Nonethless, editors galore (Anna Wintour's seat left vacant!) crowded The Tent at Bryant Park, filling the area to it's enormous capacity. Also present were a 90210 girl, Brittany Snow and that kid from Ugly Betty. Don't ask me why, I really couldn't say.

Cynthia Steffe Heavy On Silk, Light On Awesome

New York based Cynthia Steffe is known for rough edged ruffles and the fact that the Meatpacking District shop is also the brand's production studio-- so much more chic than a sweatshop, right? I've been a fan for a few seasons now, so much a fan, in fact, that I was willing to drag my ass to her 9am show this morning. Depressingly, I'm not sure it was worth it.

Things started slowly with jewel tone silk dresses the likes of which I feel like I've seen a million times. Quite cool leather gloves and strappy boot sandals livened the fairly dull looks until some more heavy hitting stuff came on though. Amongst the show saviors were a gold brocade cocoon coat and a black jacket with mini cape-like detailing that I plan on copying hard core.

I wasn't a lover of the peacock prints, which looked a bit heavy handed, but overheard one first row girl saying "the long peacock dress will end up in my closet if it's the last thing I do." Then again, she was wearing a cream colored summer dress in the middle of the winter...

I Die

Until about three minutes ago, all I'd seen from the Erin Featherston show were the crystal-encrusted rabbit mask hats. In my haste to ponder (read "twitter") whether or not I could potentially get away with wearing one of them to class, I neglected to look at the rest of the show. And now I have. And now I'm sad.

Sad not because it was a disaster, but because it's the first time that Fetherston has shown a collection that is so pretty that it depresses on the spot. Her silly days of girly shifts with ruffled sleeves have turned into something decidedly more adult, and quite a lot darker. No we have teacup skirts made of deep, blood reds, silvers and blacks. The sense of whimsy and little girl pretty is not lost, least of all on the bleach blond designer and her grade school blunt banged bob. But it's a cuteness tempered with a serious interest in fashion and it's so good looking that not being able to wear it right now actually hurts me in a place I'd call my soul if I didn't know better.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Chris Benz Adorable Almost All Around

Chris Benz's Chelsea presentation was an ever-so-adorable reminder of why sometimes studded badassness and black leather isn't what you want. Always a lover of colors, Benz did not disappoint with a collection heavy on the primaries but also infused with a bit of black, beige and a few well-executed prints. (And the fur, oh the fur...).

Benz, quite possible as cute as his collection in mismatched converse, jeans and a blazer, said the looks are "sort of about going back to the basics. I wanted it to feel very New York, and reflect the last time the city was in flux with the economy and everything." Though I didn't expect him to choose a favorite from amongst his babies, Benz quickly told me that the yellow number to the left is his number one, calling it "just fun and kicky."

It was amongst many fun and kicky numbers, several of which were beyond wearable, kind of a fun thing to see during fashion week.

Tony Cohen a Mixed Bag. But One I'd Totally Steal If Everyone Was Looking the Other Way.

Things weren't looking great as the first model traipsed down Tony Cohen's Bryant Park runway. The hair, gelled down on one side and hanging free on the other, was cool and the high, spiked heels pretty sweet. But the outfit was a very beige-y sort of bland and I found myself looking at my watch, enormous bitch style.

Thankfully, things got a bit more exciting as the show went on, beige jackets replaced by sheer black tops with ostrich feathers artfully woven down their fronts. Also awesome was a black shearling coat with an unusual sheen and really great, piecey construction. Cohen worked textures well, taking boring shift dress shapes and using as many as six different fabrics of the same color to keep it from boring me to tears.

I sat behind Leigh Lezark of The Misshapes, remembering nostalgically the time a couple years back when that might've been really cool. Now she's just a pretty, small girl with a really awesome ruffled scarf. But I caught her on her way to "run backstage and see if I can, you know, borrow those shoes," and she said that The Misshapes picked the music. It was an anthem fit for stomping and suited the show rather well, she said that a lot of it was Beck, which seemed a good fit. Damn her for being able to "borrow" those shoes though...

Carlos Miele Show Quite Fun

As is his way, Brazilian designer Carlos Miele went loud, fun and a little dirty at his show this morning. Loud was the vaguely ethnic music, fun were the printed, multi-tonal looks and slightly dirty looking was Max Decastro, who played guitar on the runway, dreadlocks and all.

Though big name front row action was minimal, the show was pleasant and upbeat, two tone tube dresses followed by intricately pleated evening gowns and a few great fur evening boleros. My personal favorites were the pleated boleros and a ruched mini dress with on long sleeve and shoulder embellished with a metallic epaulette. Model Arlenis Sosa preferred her last look though, a dual printed long gown that she called "very cool, comfortable and elegant for cocktails or more fancy." Gossip Girl's Amanda Setton, on the other hand, was a fan of the seperates, especially a short black cashmere jacket "with amazing workmanship."

His spring price points jumped hugely this year (long dresses used to be about $2,800-$4,500, now some will run upwards of $8,000) but I spoke with Miele the other day and he says that his team is working on lowering prices for fall. Fingers crossed that this means my assymmetrical epaulette dress will be, like, $50.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pink Pom Poms, Much Tartan at DVF

The pom pom sweatshop that Diane Von Furstenberg operated out of her Meatpacking District offices in preparation for this afternoon's show paid off. The styling was characteristically lovely and the odd poufed hats somehow didn't feel all that odd. Though Anna Wintour sat through the entire show looking bitchy and bored, I quite liked the high texture mixed material layers and pretty pink tartans.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lorick Show Kind of Lame

Lorick's pretty collection of grey, blue and black frocks with plunging backs and fun full skirts developed a mean case of multiple personality disorder midway through her show last nigh, morphing into a decidedly less pleasing, vaguely ethnic jumble of colors. I loved the first several looks, particularly the black dress above, for which I'd willingly part with a kidney. But the yellow blue and red looks that came later on weren't even worth a fingernail, and those grow back.

Add to that the heavy handed black liner, oddly pink lips and the Nine West and Boutique 9 shoes that proved ill-fitting, cheap looking and easily lost on the runway (three models had issues) and the show was unexpectedly disappointing. It was, however, redeemed somewhat by the ballerina-esque braids buns with small pieces of tulle hanging assymetrically over one eye. Head Bumble and Bumble stylist Sabrina Michals confided that the hair style concept was changed last minute and let us in on the secret of the controlled, matte look: surf spray before you begin drying the hair.

Also serving as a show savior was the unusual source of music. "They found him on YouTube and flew him in from England for the show," said attendee and friend of the designer Mark Sarosi of the acordian player who provided the show's somber soundtrack. Were pretty hair and quirky music enough to save the show? Probably not. Sitting across from Amanda Setton (Gossip Girl's Penelope) and sneakily taking pictures to post here? Maybe.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Twittering from the Tents

Hey all, I've just started a Twitter for LQClothes and I'll be Tweeting fashion week happening from the tents, presentations, whatever. Heading over to Bryant park in an hour or so, follow my feed here.

Fuck Me For Missing Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy stepped slightly away from her usual prim and proper schtick this year and the results were pretty legit. It was impossible not to notice the blatant YSL copy catting in the hair and makeup (black bob wigs and lips? really?) but the clothing itself was unusually sexy in spite of the muted tones that dominated the presentation. Makes me a bit pissed at myself for missing it yesterday out of sheer laziness.

Would kill for: this, this, and this.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet jesus, absolutely not.

Jerry Hall Fizzles for Chanel

Jerry Hall's the sort of older woman that kind of depresses everyone because she looks damn good and probably a hell of a lot better than any of us will at her age. But I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that, regardless of how good she looks for her age, I don't need to see her all negligee-d out and doing the hair tossing thing in bed for Chanel's ad campaign.

So shame on you, Chanel, for taking a perfectly attractive older lady and dressing her up like a cougar-y tart. More than that though, tsk tsk for making it boring as hell to boot.