Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Moving (To Another Website)

Because my blog-maintaining skills have been shameful of late, I'm moving to True/ where they'll pay me to do a better version of what I do here. I like the insane level of clothing obsession that's happened on LilyQTalksClothes but clearly require incentive to do it regularly, I think it'll be a good move. Very little will change aside from the URL. Once you're on the site, my page will look a lot like an individual blog, minus the bitchin header.

Check out MY FIRST POST, tell me what you think in the comments. And visit frequently because I need hits and comments if I want to keep the job. (Have I mentioned how good you all look today? You totally do.)

1 comment:

Jaranian said...

I actually read your posts on both websites (in my defense, I'm a medical illustrator so I am strictly segregated to my mac at all times) & I thought your posts on the Frisky was really refreshing and avante garde.

Don't worry about the catty post of the brides log either, I quite "got" it & totally agree with you.
Aside from the fact that it was kinda hilarious because there was a layer of tension that they wanted to vote to burn you at stake - i hope it didn't make you think twice to write something more severely vulgar.
I used to have a really popular lifestyle blog & you really remind me of how brutally honest I was - I got rid of it when my identity got repetitively stolen but it's nice to see someone is maintaining their voice and getting PAID for it. Slightly jealous but good for you!

& those thigh high boots? I was actually going to book a flight to get them since I live in Canada & I travel so much BUT Report Signature has it in pure leather and in black. Super decent.

I would leave a comment on your work site BUT I don't want to create a profile etc etc

Good luck, I'll be cheering you on from Canada!