Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poor Ginnifer Goodwin Tried To Be Hot and Fashion-y in W and Failed

The spread is subtly titled "Not So Goodwin," and that seems to apply more to Ginnifer's attempt at badassness than Ginnifer Goodwin in general. Apparently the actress wanted us to forget everything we think we know about the sweet and bubbly her. Unfortunately, though she doesn't specify what she'd like us to think instead, one can surmise that she'd rather be considered a poor man's Madonna.

Given that Madonna already is a poor man's Madonna these days, the layers of confusion of Goodwin's persona choice in her W shoot are numerous.

It's not just the 80s Madge style that she's wearing, but also the young, South American man that she seems to have drugged and is, in the picture above, preparing her way with. Jesus Luz, anyone? And I love the other vested biker boy. He's looking at her all pissed like "why'd you roofie my boyfriend Ginnifer, he's just not that into you." She, of course, is turning around to be all like "wait, did he tell you that?"

Check out the rest of the shots here and don't get pissed at me for the fact that Goodwin is generally pantless with a little muffin top going on. You've been warned.

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