Friday, March 13, 2009

Who Wants To Color On My Chest?

I have spent years in search of the perfect bra. The thing is, I wear a 34D (yeah, maybe too much information, whatever), and it's almost impossible to find a good one. Either it's a lace-covered industrial support device up to my chin or, well, the same thing but without the stupid little flourishes. I'd damn near given up on the endeavor when a friend linked me to The Doodle Bra.

It's literally the best and most awful underwear concept ever. The [probably really crappy] bra comes with a set of permanent markers for embellishing. Who needs a sketch book or party games when your friends can entertain themselves with your chest all night long?
It's a different sort of boob-based entertainment than they're used to, but they'll adjust and your filthy neighborhood porn shop will go out of business.

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dberes said...

God I really enjoy boobs.