Monday, March 9, 2009

Stuff Lily Makes; Stuff You Should Buy

I used to harbor a semi-secret desire to be a designer. But once a couple of stores actually placed orders, having to size and make everything felt insurmountably difficult and I decided to stick with making puffy, often see through skirts and dresses for myself. Lately though, I've gotten into jewelry making. And I quite like it.

I like it so much, in fact, that I've started selling my stuff. Helen Yi and Verse in Chicago are my first stops. Both stores will be carrying a handful of necklaces within the next few weeks. I'm also selling them directly though at Most of the pictures are pretty crappy (working on it), but the site will give you a general idea of what things look like. I'll be adding hair stuff, bracelets, and tops (think black fitted tee with a gathered organza collar, grey cardigans with peach tulle popping out of the sleeves). Email me at if there's anything you're interested in.


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The Jaranian said...

Being a literal hungry artist and equivalent to being unemployed, I sell stuff online as well.
For fast cash I suggest eBay & opening a store. But I warn you there is huge competition with sellers with a already established huge fan base.
Hence, the item could be total shit but they are true to their worshipping 'allah".

One leg up: seriously opened a back door for girls whom what the outfits (I would NEVER wear). I guess my new nudge to sell is costume visual? I think it will work even better for your line.
Strange but it UP the traffic for my account to another level.

Good luck!!