Monday, February 16, 2009

Tony Cohen a Mixed Bag. But One I'd Totally Steal If Everyone Was Looking the Other Way.

Things weren't looking great as the first model traipsed down Tony Cohen's Bryant Park runway. The hair, gelled down on one side and hanging free on the other, was cool and the high, spiked heels pretty sweet. But the outfit was a very beige-y sort of bland and I found myself looking at my watch, enormous bitch style.

Thankfully, things got a bit more exciting as the show went on, beige jackets replaced by sheer black tops with ostrich feathers artfully woven down their fronts. Also awesome was a black shearling coat with an unusual sheen and really great, piecey construction. Cohen worked textures well, taking boring shift dress shapes and using as many as six different fabrics of the same color to keep it from boring me to tears.

I sat behind Leigh Lezark of The Misshapes, remembering nostalgically the time a couple years back when that might've been really cool. Now she's just a pretty, small girl with a really awesome ruffled scarf. But I caught her on her way to "run backstage and see if I can, you know, borrow those shoes," and she said that The Misshapes picked the music. It was an anthem fit for stomping and suited the show rather well, she said that a lot of it was Beck, which seemed a good fit. Damn her for being able to "borrow" those shoes though...

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