Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Carine Roitfeld to [Actually] Replace Anna Wintour?

The rumor that Carine Roitfeld, Paris Vogue's bushy-eyebrowed, black-wearing editor in chief is in talks about dethroning everyone's favorite Bitch as EIC of Vogue US has been circulating for a while. Speculation as to whether or not such a move would lead Wintour to eat Roitfeld's soul has been similarly rampant and unsubstantiated. Gawker's fairly convinced-- and pissed-- that the the switch is coming though so it's time for me to pointlessly list the reasons why Roitfeld would be a welcome change:

1) Wintour is cunty as hell and not so cute.
The haircut was quirky at first but the fact that she's turned that unflattering bob into her "thing" is just perplexing. It makes her look like a turtle.
Roitfeld's not gorgeous or anything but she's certainly cultivated a cooler look, rocking Balmain frequently like any baller would.

2) Roitfeld's daughter is better than Wintour's.
Yeah, I'm bringing family into this one, it's that serious. The thing is, I'm sick of seeing Bee Schaffer sitting front row reading in an attempt to look super intelligent and above the whole fashion thing. If that were actually the case, she wouldn't be with mommy dearest at Marc Jacobs every year.
Julia Roitfeld on the other hand, is like mini Carine, which is adorable (if slightly unnerving).

3) Vogue's been sucking it up lately.
First came the several truly crappy covers (Keira Knightley looking wardrobe-challenged in September, Jennifer Aniston looking, well, as useless as she acts, etc.). Followed by the recent folding of Men's Vogue, one of mommy Wintour's little projects, and things aren't looking great for Anna. This is a woman who makes 2million a year on top of the drool-worthy amount of free clothing and travel, she's not pulling her diminutive weight.
4) French Vogue is much more badass that US Vogue.
Just because Vogue's a mainstream fashion magazine doesn't mean that it needs to be safe and predictable. En France there's more conceptual content and cooler covers because they generally use models instead of boring old Jennifer Anniston(Vanessa Paradis in that red skull cap? awesome). Plus, every now and again you get a little nip.

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